“Real Time” Dribble Moves

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Real Time Dribble Moves is a great video that can be done alone in half an hour or can be completed simultaneously with Real Time Game Shooting in less than an hour. This workout can be done in the driveway on a hoop, the gym with a basket or without a basket in the garage on a cold winter day. Coaches can use this workout along with the Real Time Game Shooting and the Real Time Player Development creating 3 different stations or run their entire team through each video alternating days. These videos were designed for individual players or for coaches for development and teaching purposes. It is like having Jason in the gym with you daily to see the intensity and catch the important details that Jason focuses on. This video will have players practice 120 different dribble moves which are all game applicable along with 60 different finishes at the rim with 20 free-throws while fatigued. All a player or Coach has to do is stick the video in and start getting after it. We recommend you study the moves understanding how Jason uses them vs. the defense and mimicking him to do the best you can to handle with rhythm and efficiency. So if you are ready lets make practice hard so the game is easy!!

  • 120 Moves That can be Used in the Game
  • Workout Along with Jason
  • Shoot Free Throws While Fatigued
  • Workout Anywhere (Park, Gym or driveway)
  • 60 Optional Finishes
  • Use Jason as a Guide
  • Practice Being Hard to Guard

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