Handle The Rock: Pro

Jason Otter Trainer of the Pro’s and owner of OtterBasketball Training system introduces Handle the Rock Pro Dribbling.

Additional Details

•Five real-time workouts that you do right along with Jason.
•Designed to build speed with basketball.
•Four dribbling and one passing workout.
•Each workout is about 13 minutes long
•Three month program designed by Jason Otter

Jason Otter’s Pro-workout is for the player who is a very solid dribbler and is looking to build speed with the ball. This workout is not for the player that needs to build coordination or a solid foundation. You better have a solid foundation and be beating players off the dribble before you want to do these workouts.

The real-time OtterBasketball Pro workouts are as labeled and come with a 90 day schedule of progression.

•1 Ball Workout
•2 Ball Workout
•Combo Workout
•Passing Workout
•First step development Workout[slider width=”100%” height=”100%” class=”” id=””]