The OtterBasketball Program

Over 30 Years Of Elite Basketball Camps,
Helping Players Reaching Their Maximum Potential

Jason Otter is a former Division 1 player (Austin Peay University) and NBA trainer with 30+ years of experience. He learned at a young age that smart, hard work will ALWAYS beat talent, when talent doesn’t work hard. By developing drills and strategies with the everchanging game of basketball, we have seen our campers achieve major success. We have helped players reach their goal of playing in college, at all division levels, and even professionally (overseas and NBA).

Why Choose Our Basketball Camps?

OtterBasketball TBT camp - basketball court

Hard Work, Without The Fluff

Any basketball player that has been through our program and achieved success will say this: these camps are NOT EASY. They are for dedicated basketball players that are willing to put in the work necessary to achieve their dreams. With that being said, we don’t put players in situations they can’t handle. We host a variety of camps for players of different levels, with the goal of them being able to handle our toughest camps after they mature through our program.

OtterBasketball TBT camp - basketball court

Proven Drills And Strategies

We have trained basketball players at the highest level, for 30+ years. As the game changes, so do our drills and techniques. We’re not a gimmicky camp for players who just want to look cool while they handle the basketball. We teach you strategies that will have you playing efficiently, commanding the floor, and knocking down shots at a high rate

OtterBasketball TBT camp - basketball court

We Train You, To Train Yourself

Our goal is to send you home with the right tools to train yourself, every day, for multiple hours a day. One of the main reasons we have helped so many undersized players play at some of the highest collegiate levels is because of the work they put in. When you leave our camp, you’ll have everything you need to grow on a daily basis.

OtterBasketball TBT camp - basketball court

You Join The OtterBasketball Network

We’ve kept communication with players playing in college, well out of college, and many with kids of their own looking to enter the program. Once you join the program, you’ll have a network of basketball players, and coaches, all pushing you to succeed.

Jason’s training has definitely helped our program take that next leap. We made it to the state championship and none of it would have been possible without Jason showing these boys how hard they could push themselves. His motivation was truly beneficial!

Jason W.

What do you get when you cross Jason Otter Training with a 15-year-old boy that isn’t tall, isn’t fast, and isn’t a great jumper? A starting point guard! My son became the best ball handler in the league due to the hours he spent on drills from the Virtual Training and Camps. Thank you, Jason!

Joe R.


Thank you all so much for the Point Guard Elite Camp! My son has attended 10 camps that were advertised as “elite” camps, but this one actually was! From the approach, the information, the organization, the material…I can already see a change in motivations, attitude, ability and focus!

David B.


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