Virtual Training

This is The Original Online Training platform from OtterBasketball that began in 2011. The benefit to the Online Workouts is that they can be customized specifically to any player no matter what skill level, space available or time of season it is. These are planned workouts that we build, they progress as you improve and they can be adjusted at any time. They are  NOT just a video library of drills. Players will open their workout for the day on the app and see their drills listed. Each drill has a video of Coach Otter demonstrating the drill and talking about the key points of it. We recommend complete workouts that normally take players 2-2.5 hours to complete and we load workouts 7 days a week but we can build any workout program you want that will fit your schedule. Don’t have as much time in-season but still want to keep your game sharp? We built workouts for in-season as well.

Cost - $50/month or $456/year


The Virtual Trainer is the cutting edge of basketball player development!  Maybe you didn’t know, but you have the opportunity to acquire as your trainer, the same guy that has developed and worked with numerous past and present NBA players, NBL players (Australia’s top pro league), Euro-League players, Division I players and is consulted by NBA, NBL, college and high school coaches on a regular basis.  Jason Otter, as your Virtual Trainer, will take you through 3 intense Real Time workouts each week.  These workouts are 30-40 minutes and they’ll leave you sweaty, but more importantly they teach you why you’re doing these drills and how they apply in a game situation.  You’ll learn shot development, passing & passing angles, finishing, ball screen action, ball screen shooting and a whole lot more.  There’s nothing on the market that compares to this!

Cost - $75/month or $675/year

Stay in touch and get to know your trainer through weekly Zoom Consultations!  If you’re working hard each week then you want to make sure you’re doing things correctly. Is your shot looking smooth, is your handle tight, is your footwork correct?  On the weekly consultations, you’ll send in specific videos to Jason and he will analyze the video with you, show you side by side comparisons and so on.  You can also send video of what you are struggling with, for example he’ll work with you on your shot if last game you struggled making buckets and even look at game clips with you.  This is an excellent resource that you should take advantage of and help your player gain confidence and mentorship throughout the process! The weekly consultations can be added on to any of our Virtual Training options.  Consultation Spots are Limited!

Cost - $97/month

As parents, we all want our kids to get started in basketball the RIGHT way. We want to get them basketball instruction that’s beneficial, motivating and challenging while being affordable!  OtterBasketball’s Virtual Kids is a perfect fit for the entry level basketball player in your family! The Virtual Kids workouts will give them three 10-minute workouts per week. These are workouts that will challenge them but ones they will find success in as well.  The workouts are loaded 3 days a week in your workout calendar but they are also On Demand, so anytime they want to workout, they can open an app and follow the workouts as they are laid out and repeat them as often as they’d like and as long as you have a subscription you have access to all of your past workouts and data. All workouts are progressive and will show three levels in the instruction: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.  Virtual Kids is the right place for players around the age of Kindergarten through 5th grade to learn ball handling drills, proper shooting form, passing, rhythm and developing a proper athletic stance that will help in any sport! All workouts can be done in the driveway, garage or basement so no need to waste time driving to a trainer every day when they can open an App, grab a ball and get right to work!

Cost - $23/month 

One of the most popular questions we get asked at OtterBasketball is “How do I become a great shooter”?

Shooting is the one thing in basketball that everyone loves to do. A shot can be many things like; pretty, ugly, smooth, or jerky.  It can be consistent or inconsistent or simply, good or bad.  It’s one of those things where everyone has an opinion on how to do it, how to fix it or how to diagnose the problem.  So, what do you do?

One simple answer is when looking for shooting drills to help your son or daughter become a better shooter, the one thing you want to consider are Results and if you know anything about the players that have come through the OtterBasketball program in the last 20+ years is…you know they can Shoot It!

If you don’t know, then it is time you find out why we consistently develop some of the top shooters in the world.

Cost - $90

In Our Virtual Training Program, You Will Develop:

The Perfect Jump Shot

Improve your shooting mechanics to become a more consistent, high percentage scorer.

Unmatched Ball-Handling

Drills that transfer directly to game success & leave defense standing!

Explosive First Step

Blow past the defense and get yourself into scoring position.

Increased Shooting Range

Learn how to develop that Parking Lot Range through our shot development program!

Ankle Breaking Moves

Learn how to read the defense, putting you and your teammates in the right place at the right time.

Pinpoint Passing

You’ll be throwing dimes bringing the crowd to their feet when you develop passing accuracy from our drills!