90 Day Shot Development Program


I completed the 90 Day Shot Development program prior to the start of my Freshman year.  I knew I needed to make an impact right away in the scoring column for my team to win and there’s no way I would have shot as well without the 90 Day Shot Development program! I do these drills on a daily basis, so not only will it get your shot right, it will keep you consistent!

-Ally Johnson-

Bucknell University



I’ve spent over 20 years developing some of the greatest shooters that have never worked with me 1 on 1.  It’s simple, it’s proven to work and it’s easily available to you!

In 90 Days, I can take you from average to consistently being a top scorer on your team.  With your commitment, I will take you through the same program that will get you results.

You literally have no excuse.  You have the time, you have a proven method and you can afford it.  I’m offering you my 90 Day Shot Development program for a $1 a day.  Give me 90 Days and I will give you an efficient and consistent shot that will transform your game.  Let’s get started now!

Once you purchase you will be contacted by us to get you setup with your Shot Development Program.

Note: Your daily Shot Development workout will be delivered through our Virtual Trainer App