90 Day Shot Development Program

In the 90 Day Shot Development Program we use the OtterBasketball Training App to take players through daily step-by-step detailed shooting progressions that will build their shot starting with a solid foundation and ending with advanced game and situational shooting with the purpose of rerouting muscle memory. By doing this we teach players how to be consistent and efficient shooters, not streaky shooters.

We will take all wasted motion out of a players shot.  Teach them to be shot ready on the catch and shoot and have proper footwork off the bounce, leading to a perfect release point.  All of this starts with learning pinpoint progressions and taking yourself through checkpoints to make sure your shot is dialed in.  If you make the commitment to this program then we guarantee in 90 days, you will see major improvements!

If you want to take this a step further to make sure you’re doing all of the shot progressions correctly and get immediate feedback with video analysis through the Weekly Consultations!  You’ll know exactly what to tweak, change or what you’re doing right or wrong right away!  Meet with Jason over Zoom every week throughout your 90 days.  You will love knowing for sure that you’re on the right path and you’ll build confidence along the way.


I completed the 90 Day Shot Development program prior to the start of my Freshman year.  I knew I needed to make an impact right away in the scoring column for my team to win and there’s no way I would have shot as well without the 90 Day Shot Development program! I do these drills on a daily basis, so not only will it get your shot right, it will keep you consistent!

-Ally Johnson-

Bucknell University