Point Guard Elite: Vol. 4




The Point Guard is the most demanding position on the floor. Not only should a point guard be the team’s leader, but should also set the tone on defense and be the best shooter on the floor. The Point Guard Elite DVD Series is designed to give players the skills and insight that it will take to get their game to the next level.

Additional Details
The Point Guard Elite Series was developed by world class trainer Jason Otter. Coach Otter is the owner of OtterBaskettball’s Point Guard Elite and Online Training Program. A former Division I and professional basketball player, Coach Otter has over 15 years of experience developing High School, College, All-American, Euro-League and NBA Players.

Volume IV Includes:
* Passing Drills
* Ball Screens
* Handling Double Teams
* Feeding the Post
* Using Screens
* Running the Fastbreak
* Drive & Kick