Handle The Rock: Intermediate

Jason Otter Trainer of the Pro’s and owner of OtterBasketball Training system introduces Handle the Rock Intermediate Dribbling.
Intermediate level workouts are for the upper junior high player to high school varsity player.

Additional Details

•Three real-time workouts approximately 24 minutes each.
•Great for any player young or old to get in shape and improve their game.
•Evaluation sheets to use when testing all three workouts.

There are three real-time workouts o the DVD that feature:
•One Ball Drills
•Two Ball Drills
•Tennis Ball Drills
•Game Combo’s
•Moves to beat defenders
•Moves on the move

The workouts are about 24 minutes each and you just follow along with the DVD. These workouts are for a player who has a solid ball-handling foundation to start with and wants to get to a high level. No guessing on how many reps, how long, etc. It is just like having Jason Otter in your home working you out.
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On the Intermediate workouts the silver circle and number will appear but without a whistle audio cue (unlike the beginner DVD). You must have your head up through the duration of the video to see the numbers as they appear.

•The DVD features a complete evaluation of workout 1.
•Jason will show you how to do the evaluation so you can test yourself out of each level.
•We even show you how to fill out the evaluation sheets during the evaluation on the DVD.

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $19.99.