60 Minute Pro Summer Workout

The Blueprint needed for any basketball player to maximize skill
development in 60 minutes a day.

Additional Details
What drills do you need to do to maximize your workouts? How long should
you workout? How do I keep my intenstiy up during my workouts? These
questions plague many basketball players who just aren’t sure how to build
a workout and truly want to get better. Practice does not make perfect –
Perfect practice makes perfect and if you don’t practice perfectly, you are
wasting valuable time in your quest to become the best basketball player
you can be.

While there are many basketball videos filled with drills, it is knowing
how to put them together into a workout filled with intensity that is most
important. Knowing how to practice perfectly unlocks a key to success that
many players lack. Many players go to the gym, shoot around for an hour and
think they are doing what is needed to become the best player they can be.
The problem with most players is that they don’t have the quidance
necessary to workout hard enough and at speeds that will translate into
success in a game. To translate success into games, you have to practice
drills faster and harder than you would in a game. Make practice hard so
the game is easy.

Now you can see one of the best basketball trainers in the world unleash
his 60 minute workout. Buy this DVD and see what it takes to translate
summer workouts into basketball season success. You will no longer waste
time in your workouts because Jason Otter will show you not only drills you
need to do, but how hard you should be going in your workouts.

Advanced Basketball Trainer Jason Otter has developed a 60 minute workout
that maximize your development in:

Game Shooting
Game Dribbling
Finishing at the Basket
Free Throw Shooting

Jason teaches the game to players from the Preps to the Pros on a daily
basis. He knows that it takes to make it to the next level and will show
you how he built himself into a Division I and Professional basketball

Stop stepping into the gym without a plan. When you buy the 60 Minute Pro
Summer workout, you’ll have the blue print needed to take your workouts to
another level.