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Thank you Lori for your hard work, attention to detail and keeping us well informed throughout the camp. Thank you Jason and the coaches for making this such a phenomenal camp. It is very obvious that Jason has a true desire to help these kids take their game and their life to the next level. In 5 minutes with him you feel more energized about your life.

– S. Duncan

Jason challenges our players to come out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves while training. A one hour group workout with Jason does more than 3 hours of practice time.

– Mike Boening, Director-MI Shock Girls AAU Club

I just wanted to say thanks for a great camp. My son complained and complained after the first day and then started to understand what a workout and commitment really is. By the end of the week he was in better shape and had more energy. Thank you Jason and his staff.

– D. Branney

I just want to thank you for getting Trisha into the camp Lori. She cam home with such a positive attitude about her playing ability and her overall attitude about her game. She has a whole new perspective on the game. This is certainly going to help her this coming year/week with high school tryouts and games. Thank you Jason.

– P. Furan

He can do things with the basketball that I canít even do.

– Isiah Thomas NBA Legend

Jason's “what is your goal” message is what more players need to truly be a great player!

– Mike Boening, Director-MI Shock Girls AAU Club

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