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In this day and age where young people are constantly playing games in their leagues and camps, Jason Otter provides extraordinary dedication and personal attention to individual player skill development.

– Coach Fulcher

Our daughter has been to a few other basketball camps in Michigan and your camp has set the standard that I would compare any other camp to. She said she learned more in the first workout than at any other camp she has attended.

– Jack A. Vander Maas, Parent

If you want to separate yourself from other players your age and attain a higher level of game then attend Jason's Camps.

– Joe Dietz, Canton, IL 

In talking with my daughter, she had a great time at the 4-day skills camp. She worked very hard and was exhausted each night which was a good thing. She got exposure on what it is to work hard. Most girl players do not see that type of work ethic and intensity.

– R. Galac

My daughter showed me what she learned last night and I was STUNNED! It far surpassed what I was expecting. Her work ethic, drive, ball handling, explosiveness and speed have increased tremendously. Most importantly, I see a new attitude and self confidence.

– Don Koneval

Thank you Lori for your hard work, attention to detail and keeping us well informed throughout the camp. Thank you Jason and the coaches for making this such a phenomenal camp. It is very obvious that Jason has a true desire to help these kids take their game and their life to the next level. In 5 minutes with him you feel more energized about your life.

– S. Duncan

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