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Pushing yourself to be a great player is the only acceptable method at the Jason Otter School of Basketball.

– Mike Boening, Director-MI Shock Girls AAU Club

Jason challenges our players to come out of their comfort zone and challenge themselves while training. A one hour group workout with Jason does more than 3 hours of practice time.

– Mike Boening, Director-MI Shock Girls AAU Club

If you want to separate yourself from other players your age and attain a higher level of game then attend Jason's Camps.

– Joe Dietz, Canton, IL 

Thank you Lori for your hard work, attention to detail and keeping us well informed throughout the camp. Thank you Jason and the coaches for making this such a phenomenal camp. It is very obvious that Jason has a true desire to help these kids take their game and their life to the next level. In 5 minutes with him you feel more energized about your life.

– S. Duncan

While my daughter plays the post position, the offensive moves taught can be used anywhere on the Court.

– Sam Sweet, Parent & Attorney (Detroit, MI)

Jason's work ethic, attention to detail, and skills make him one of the best skills and fundamental instructors in the country.

– Jason Richardson #23 Golden State Warriors

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