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In this day and age where young people are constantly playing games in their leagues and camps, Jason Otter provides extraordinary dedication and personal attention to individual player skill development.

– Coach Fulcher

Other basketball camps concentrate their efforts on keeping the young player entertained with games, Jason Otter's School of Basketball eliminates the fluff and drives home the importance of drills, work ethic, pushing the developing player outside their comfort zone and life lessons in hard work.

– Coach Fulcher

Pushing yourself to be a great player is the only acceptable method at the Jason Otter School of Basketball.

– Mike Boening, Director-MI Shock Girls AAU Club

Jason teaches the meaning of excellence and shows players how to achieve excellence -- in basketball, and throughout life!

– Terrence Stein, parent of 3 point guards (Chicago, IL)

My daughter showed me what she learned last night and I was STUNNED! It far surpassed what I was expecting. Her work ethic, drive, ball handling, explosiveness and speed have increased tremendously. Most importantly, I see a new attitude and self confidence.

– Don Koneval

He can do things with the basketball that I canít even do.

– Isiah Thomas NBA Legend

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