Youth Basketball Training

Youth Basketball Training

Proper Youth basketball training is essential to developing players that are going to play above their athletic set as they progress through the basketball ranks at the prep level.

At OtterBasketball and Point Guard Elite we have developed many of the best Prep players in the country and have been sought out by all levels from little dribblers all the way to the NBA.  However, many of our greatest success stories have started with players that started with us at a young age.   The sooner we can start routing players movement tracks to maximize their game the earlier we can start teaching them concepts for success at the elite level.  The sooner we can builds their skill level to our standards the more attention young players get from their coaches the more they enjoy the game which leads to a harder working player.  It all starts with our beginner online program, which will begin to focus on all aspects of the game from the handle, to the shot, to playing more explosive, to finishing at the basket, to proper defensive techniques, and a proper state of mind.

Once players start this program they then attend our Junior Elite camp, which you may think, is a step under our Point Guard Elite Camp but this simply is not true.  The camp is very intense and is really designed to give the developing player what they need at their particular age group to maximize their game.  The online system is essential, which many serious players may realize right away but is definitely realized upon leaving the junior elite camp.

SO if you are a serious young player or a parent or coach that has a player with big dreams with the game like I did so don’t miss this opportunity to get on the road of success through discipline, self accountability and hard work while not only developing basketball skills but life skills as well.