Youth Basketball Coaching

Youth Basketball Coaching

One of the first things we must remember when coaching or parenting a Youth Basketball player is that opportunity will never be higher than it is at this very moment in a young player's life.

The opportunity to create a solid love for the game while teaching our young players how to work and develop life lessons that will make them a valuable member of a team and in life.  At OtterBasketball, the message could never be more clear:  Hard work through attention to detail will create success.  For this to happen, we as coaches must communicate with our players very clearly what is expected of them while participating.  It is also a great opportunity to start holding our players accountable so they can work on these things well after they leave our coaching grasp.  As coaches, we shouldn't put too heavy of an emphasis on winning games as these things will come when players buy into the proper player development concepts and the coach's system.

A major emphasis, however, should be put on competition.  Too often, we find that players today don’t necessarily understand how to compete.  When we say compete, we mean things like do they compete while maintaining honor and integrity through good sportsmanship, do they practice and play every minute for their teammates rather than themselves, and finally do they deal with failure and success in a constructive way building themselves and their teammates up rather then breaking them down.   Youth coaches, for example, may spend too much time teaching plays and zone defenses rather than teaching them fundamental concepts that can be used throughout their basketball career.  As coaches, we must begin preparing our players to play above their athletic set with their skill set, game knowledge and teammate relationships.  At OtterBasketball's Point Guard Elite and Junior Elite skill development camps, players are taught proper movement tracks and how to reinforce these tracks once they leave the camp so they continue to develop.

The Point Guard Elite and Junior Elite Camps also teach players essential qualities of great leaders so they can start working on these things on and off the court.  First the opportunity to teach life lessons through the game of basketball is a very serious one and requires proper role models.  In today's NBA game this can be hard to find.  In the OtterBasketball system, players are given the opportunity to participate in our online training system, which reinforces these concepts and becomes more advanced as they develop through the system while the entire time learning the importance of self accountability with reflection to continue to make gains.  Too often we see players who have big dreams with the game but don’t have the work ethic or the knowledge to understand how to accomplish them.  Point Guard Elite & Junior Elite begins giving players the know how to make their dreams a goal and eventual reality through hard work and a commitment to excellence.  For more information on our skill development camps or Online Training program, go to OtterBasketball.com or call 1-866-357-2966 or email Christy@otterbasketball.com.