Why bring players to our basketball camps?

Why bring players to our basketball camps?

Hello Coaches and Parents and welcome to OtterBasketball as a former Varsity Coach and teacher I understand how important it is we get our players in the right situations to develop as young men and women.  As a parent I realize that we want our children presented with every opportunity possible to accomplish their dream and eventual goal. If this is the case then Otter basketball camps are for you I am not here to tell your children or players how good they are but rather show them how great they could become if they are willing to put the work in.


Having developed over a thousand division I players in the past 10 years OtterBasketball has become the leading force for the player that has a true passion for the game. I have come to realize you can want something for someone more than anything in the world but if they are not willing to put the work in we are just spinning our wheels literally.  The parent can and should be a guide but it ultimately has to be the child who is holding him or herself accountable for their development.  This is where the word passion definitely comes into play.  In order for us (the parents and Otterbasketball) to help our children experience success our children have to hold themselves accountable for their development learning the system and progressing through checkpoint after checkpoint in their development.  I truly believe that this is the only way to truly help our children attain their goal and continue to apply these lessons throughout their life.  By taking their passion and using it as a learning tool to develop their baskeball skills, leadership skills, work ethic, integrity, and ability to make everyone around them better.


As a former Coach I understand that we are constantly working to develop leaders inside our program that represent us in a positive manner on and off the floor.   As a former coach I also remember how hard I had to work and study the game to put my players in a positions to maximize their skill sets.  At OtterBasketball we specialize in not only maximizing your players skill set but also helping them to understand that he or she does not always have to be the best player on the floor to get the best out of his or her teammates.  We will work hard to get your players to buy into your system so they can do just that helping them to understand how they have to be an extension of you on and off the floor learning the system and being a consistent presence in the off season, in practice, and on the floor.  Players are taught the keys to positive communication with authority figure as well as their peers.  They re expected to be positive role models for the program and to use basketball as a platform to achieve their goals within the framework of the team.


For coaches and parents to realize these major traits in their sons, daughters, and players it first starts with players understanding what hard work is.  To often players think they are doing what is necessary but have no idea what it takes from a standpoint of hard work (physically or mentally).  Inside our system whether it will be the camps or the online training you will find that our attention to detail and and our delivery of content is second to none from a intensity and educational point of view.  The skill set portion  was designed by myself through exercise science principles and extensive video analysis that focuses on getting players to maximize their ability.  Players will learn the keys to rerouting movement mechanics defensively and offensively to maximize their development.  The system is based on two foundational concepts efficiency of movement and familiarity of movement tracts presented through Otterbasketball’s idea of continuity of principle application and reinforced through deliberate practice techniques.


I am sure you may have heard of the notion of deliberate practice but it is rarely used in the basketball world.  Most drills are holistic working on several things at once rather than having a specific focus. We have developed many of the most skilled players in the country over this program is designed to give players success against players that are more physically gifted at the elite level.  We first will teach players how to eliminate all unnecessaries in their game while demoing and explaining to them how to put themselves in positions that make the game easy.  Players will not play any games but will be put in game simulations where they are expected to demonstrate the skills being taught at the camp.  Players should first attend a efficiency of movement camp before attending a PGE.  Efficiency of movement camps can be brought to your school and are appropriate for most ages of serious players.  This alone begins to help players understand how they can play in a way that is not only beneficial to themselves but their teammates as well.  Helping them to understand what is expected from a leader on and off the floor. I will guarantee if you have a old school coach mentality and you like hard work you will love what this program can do for your players.


At the Point Guard Elite Basketball Camp Players will be worn down mentally and physically spending 8 to 9 hours a day on the court with intense detailed instruction. Players will also receive a leadership lecture with its foundational premise being service.


Players will understand the sacrifice necessary to perform these tasks on and off the floor as well.  Understanding that they may lose a drill here or there but they can never be outworked anywhere.  We find to often that players want to work on the floor but struggle to do it because they are just not disciplined enough.  Students will understand that in order to be a disciplined athlete they must lead a disciplined life.  We want to help Coaches develop the player that you talk about for the next 30 years not just because of his or her skill set but also because they possess all of the intangibles. We want to help parents see their children’s dreams become a reality while also helping them take these valuable lessons with them off the court and into the work world.   I want to remind you that I am personally at all OtterBasketball events and lead all instruction.  Upon completion of the basketball camp players will have a opportunity to take our online courses which we encourage them to share with their temates aiding in their programs overall development.


Our basketball camps are not only for point guards but are only for the serious basketball player or coach that is willing to work harder and smarter than the competition to be the best that they can be while always making practice hard so the game is easy.