What is Otter Basketball?

What is Otter Basketball?

Over 20 years ago, we at OtterBasketball became tired of hearing coaches say he or she works extremely hard but they simply are not tall enough or athletic enough to play high-level basketball.  There is nothing further from the truth.  Understand, we are not promising you an easy path, but we are promising you a proven system.  The system has produced more than 1000 Division 1 players with many of them being of average height and athletic ability.  It’s a fact that just about every player that is serious about basketball is going to spend a lot of time in the gym.  The question here is, what do you do with your time?  Many players spend their time working on skills that simply will not transfer to game success versus elite level athletes.  We teach players how to maximize that time by not wasting time on silly drills, but instead doing drills that will transform your game and help you achieve your goals.

The OtterBasketball system is proven with many undersized players finding success at the highest levels of basketball.  The system doesn’t only make the player great, but puts a real emphasis on how you make your team great.  Players are pushed mentally and physically to grasp the concepts to not just work harder but also work smarter than the competition while learning to make everyone around them better on and off the floor.  The system is designed to not only maximize a player’s ability, but also teaches them how to perform above their athletic set against players that are much taller, longer and more athletic.  The system focuses on teaching methods that are time consuming and not easy, but will lead directly to game success.  Jason and his staff consistently use deliberate practice techniques with breakdown and checkpoints, which translate directly to players understanding how to hold themselves accountable in their workouts rather than relying on someone else to do so for them.  OtterBasketball players are true students of the game and use rhythmic progression as they develop keeping them from developing bad habits along the way.  When players practice this way they take ownership in their development and are able to transfer these concepts into game play at a much more efficient rate.

The system does this by focusing on 5 foundational concepts:


Players are taught how to move as efficiently as possible using exercise science principles with and without the ball.


Shooting with efficiency for consistency allows players to eliminate variables and implement shooting principles that are consistent with OtterBasketball movement principles.


Understanding how to position yourself versus more athletic players to achieve success in all game situations that are consistent with OtterBasketvall exercise science principles.


We find players that are passionate about their craft and cultivate that passion to help them achieve goals that may appear to the normal eye unachievable.


No one can do it alone, so OtterBasketball Players are taught through their skill set and intangible traits how to position their teammates for success physically and mentally.

In closing, make no mistake about it.  If you are that player that works tirelessly in the gym to achieve your goals, this is the system for you.  We don’t believe you are too small or not athletic enough.  Anything can be achieved with hard, smart work.  We don’t just say this, we truly believe anyone can do it is because we have done it not just once but countless times.  So if you have big dreams with the game of basketball and are willing to do the things that other aren’t willing to do, join us.  We Are Otterbasketball.