Tips to Being a Good Student

10 Tips to Being a Good Student in the Classroom and On the Court                     

  1. Maintain eye contact-Always maintain eye contact with your instructor when they are addressing the class. It helps prevent distractions and promotes good communication skills.                       
  1. Be well rested-Make sure you have a sleeping routine. This will ensure you are well rested and help you think more clearly during class.
  1. Eat nutritious foods-Eating unhealthy or being dehydrated can make us feel fatigued and makes it more difficult to stay engaged in class.
  1. Keep a journal-Keep a journal daily on your day always listing 3 things that we could do better as well as three things we did well that day.
  1. Be on Time-Never be late. Being late causes anxiety and makes us feel unprepared. Preparation is a major key to success.
  1. Sit in front of class-Sit in front of the class. This makes it easier to partake in classroom conversations, which helps us retain more knowledge.
  1. Self-reflect daily-Self-reflection is huge when we want to be the best. Ask yourself daily if you are the kind of student that your coach and parents want you to be.
  1. Study on your own-Study on your own. There is no problem studying with serious students but only after you have reviewed and studied the content by yourself. This is important even if the teacher has not assigned homework. On nights that you don’t have work devote 1 hour to review your classes even looking at future lessons. This promotes understanding of hard to grasp concepts.
  1. Discuss concepts-Discuss concepts taught in class with other people. This gives you a broader base of knowledge and promotes critical thinking.
  1. Ask questions-Always ask questions. Too often people are afraid to ask questions about things they may not understand. Believe me if you have a question other people do too and they are just afraid to ask it. Don’t be afraid.