Ten Tips for Great Shooters

  1. Hold your follow through
    • It will prevent you from pulling the string on your shot and will make you more consistent in the process.
    • It will also keep you on your target and force you to lock in. Make it a habit!!


  1. Develop optimal arc with optimal release point
    1. Shots that fly at 35 degrees have a ½ inch margin of error to clear the rim. Shots with a projection at 45 degree have a 3 inch margin of error to clear the rim
    2. As a general rule always end your shot at 1 o’clock
  2. Watch the perfect Jump shot DVD or study your OtterBasketball online training DVD regularly
    1. As you watch good shooters with proper technique the teaching points not only become more familiar but become routed in your movement track
    2. We must be a student of the shot
  3. Video tape your shot
    1. players often think they are doing things correctly but as the saying goes the tape don’t lie.
    2. Watch video of your shot to refine the mechanics
  4. Try to keep the ball at your pocket
    1. To often players get lazy and drop the ball rather than dropping their hips
    2. This causes inconsistency with the shot slowing down the release and making players shoulder shooters rather than body shooters
  5. Use the Gun
    1. The gun can be detrimental in the early stages of shot development but as players get proper mechanics it allows them to get in rhythm and make their mechanics more consistent (Groove your track daily)
  6. Always do A-D shooting when you walk in the gym
    1. It is essential to routing proper shooting mechanics rather than routing improper mechanics
    2. Also allows players to get their mind right before they get to work
    3. It also reinforces self discipline which is a major attribute in great shooters
  7. Chart your shots
    1. We do not want our players shot counting
    2. But charting your shots weekly causes players to focus harder and also lets them know if they are progressing or regressing
    3. Players should also chart kinds of misses example short shots can help players identify if they are not putting enough arc on their shot or coming off their release point
  8. Shoot shots at game speed
    1. This can and should be done once players have routed shooting mechanics
    2. It is also important that players imagine game situations and put themselves through these situations so every single shot taken in a game has been taken thousands of times in practice
  9. Have a Pre-game shooting routine
  10. In our online in-season workouts players perform pre-game shooting workouts. These workouts help build confidence and allow players to groove their shots be for they play