Team Concepts

Individual skill development is our specialty, but basketball is played as a team and team concepts need to be learned as well! The more knowledge along with skill that your son or daughter can bring, the quicker they become invaluable to the team.
The Team Concepts camp is in a Two-Day Format, 4 hours each day or could be in a One Day format upon request. This would be an excellent camp for coaches looking to have Jason work with their teams.

day 1: Offense
• 2 on 1 & 3 on 2 situations
• Passing
o Getting the ball out of your hands quickly
o Wing Entry
o Post Entry
o Passing Angles
• Offensive Concepts such as
o L-Cuts / Getting Open
o Wing entry / Starting the Offense
o Basket Cuts
o Setting Screens & Different Types of Screens
o Setting up & Coming off Screens
• Motion Offense
o Spacing/Balancing the court
o Drive & Kick
• Ball Screens
o Learn how to properly use the ball screen
o Make the proper read off the ball screen

Day 2: Defense
• Proper Defensive Stance & Defensive Footwork
• Full Court Defense
o Understand how to put the offense in angles
o Learn how to contain players that are faster than you
o Guarding 1 on 1 Full Court
• Closeouts
• Team Defense
o Shell Drill
 Learn correct positioning
 Jumping to the ball
 Bust Cutters
 Opening up and getting through on screens
• Trapping in a full court press
• Handling Pressure in the Backcourt
• Ball Screen Shots & MORE!