Stringing Your Dribble Out

It is very important that players learn how to string their dribble out to make accurate reads in the game when pertaining to the shot, pass, or dribble penetration. OtterBasketball has developed players all over the country in every major college conference that have been effective in playing above their athletic set. The system shows students how to develop high ball in hand-time from a dribble read perspective to make better reads off the dribble compared to the normal athletic college athlete. The system also shows players situation after situation where high ball in hand time is a factor verse elite level athletes. We also put players in simulation drills once they master the concept to increase game transfer. Players are demonstrated multiple situations that allow them to release their shot quicker, create better passing angles verse pressure, and attack the rim ore effectively.



1. Take advantage of Defensive positioning.

2. Release shot quicker and take advantage of space

3. Widen out passing angles