Speed, Quickness & Agility Training with a Jump Rope

Speed, Quickness & Agility Training with a Jump Rope

At OtterBasketball We encourage our players to use a jump rope on a regular basis. We like the jump rope for a variety of reasons:

-Developing rhythm

-Encourages players to fire feed off quickly which is essential to acceleration

-Reinforces OtterBasketball Movement concepts that can easily be transferred to game success

-Develops footwork patterns that coaches can implement into their practices in a easy manner that is also takes up very little practice time. (5 to 10 minutes a day)

The downside of the jump rope is that it is often used incorrectly and if you do not have previous OtterBasketball experience it is difficult to understand what exactly that means.

Besides teaching and reinforcing OtterBasketball movement patterns the jump rope program also highlights 12 key concepts for players and coaches to look for while executing over 100 jumps in this developmental program.

It also addresses major details pertaining to:

-Workout duration

-Jump Duration

-Intensity Level

We tell our players that we use an old school tool to teach cutting edge movement patterns and how they relate to the game of basketball and really any sport. Our best players on average spend no more than ten minutes a day using a jump rope. They understand that it is not the quantity of jumps that you do but rather the quality. Coaches that have implemented this program into their practices have seen gains almost overnight and have been astonished by the results.