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Point Guard Elite Basketball Camp

Recommended for all Players serious about their game

Point Guard Elite Basketball Camp is the ultimate camp for player development. Point Guard Elite is more than just a basketball camp; it teaches students life lessons. Centered around the philosophy that truly great players make everyone around them better, students will spend a grueling four days on the hardwood and in the classroom. Each day will incorporate intense workouts that will develop you as a player and as a leader in your program. Students also learn the importance of practicing with enthusiasm and promoting a positive work ethic and attitude within their program. Players will leave with the understanding of how to establish themselves as leaders in their current programs.  Students are taught how to develop off-season workouts (so they work smart as well as hard). They learn how to beat quicker more athletic players to the basket and how to create for teammates. The importance of hard work is presented to them in all three learning domains (they hear it / they see it / they demonstrate it).

Students will be put through game simulation situations which will allow them to incorporate learned concepts from the camp. Too often players make the game difficult. We will teach players how to slow the game down while playing at game speed which will lead to better decisions in the game. Coach Otter will take you through many of the drills he uses to build NBA and highly touted Division I players. Many players desire college scholarships and to play in the NBA. Coach Otter understands the commitment, training, and intensity these dreams require. He will personally show you and help you learn how to work harder and smarter than your competition and to allow you to be the best you can be on and off the court. PLAYERS AND PARENTS need to understand that this is considered one of the most intense camps in the country. It is an extremely difficult camp. With long days on the court that require a great deal of commitment and discipline to complete the camp.

This basketball camp is designed for players 8th thru 12th grade, co-ed. So if you think you want to take your game to the next level you better arrive willing to be pushed to your limit physically and mentally.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The entire efficiency of movement piece with and without the ball which is the staple of OtterBasketball instruction
  • 1st step development program
  • Level 1-3 Foot speed development system with the jump-rope
  • PROPER use of triple threat
  • Introduction of the A-Z shot development system
  • Offseason and in-season Leadership
  • Game Leadership
  • Teammate Relations
  • Player Coach Relations
  • Workout Development
  • Player development
  • Attacking more athletic players in transition
  • Attacking more athletic players in Half Court sets
  • Defensive manipulation
  • Concepts designed to put players in position to make the game easy
  • Concepts that allow players to play stronger against stronger, more athletic players
  • Creating angles on defense in half court sets
  • Creating angles on defense in transition
  • Proper use of common training tools
  • Creating passing angles in transition
  • Creating better passing angles in half court sets
  • Movement without the ball
  • Making reads off of off ball screens
  • Getting open with out the ball concepts like the double bump
  • Creating space vs. quicker more athletic players
  • Creating shots for teammates
  • Creating shots in late game situations
  • Quick release passing that leads to quick release shots and first step
  • How to develop a more vocal teammate in game situations
  • Ways to get teammates involved in off season training
  • How to create intensity in practice
  • How to Finish at the rim in different game situations
  • Motivational techniques
  • How to develop a family type atmosphere with teammates
  • How to deal with off court team issues
  • Proper reads out of the pick in roll game vs. different defensive strategies
  • Pick and roll angles that create advantages vs. different personal and defensive schemes
  • How to defend the Pick in roll in all situations vs. different personal
  • Concepts that aide in defending the pick and roll no matter how your program defends the pick
  • Team defense concepts on the ball
  • Team defense concepts in help side (including more efficient ways to cover ground on and off the ball.
  • Game simulations that implement above concepts

“We emphasize that players work hard to make others around them better thus creating an atmosphere that will truly make them a better player on and off the court.”
— Jason Otter

Jason’s staff is an ensemble of professional players that were highly touted Division I players. Jason has trained his staff, personally, since their high school years. Some of the Jason Otter’s School of Basketball instructors are currently playing professionally. Their talent, knowledge, hard work, training, skills, and expertise elevate this camp to the ELITE level of training you are looking for.

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