Point Guard Elite Camp

Point Guard Elite Basketball Camp

Recommended for serious players, boys & girls entering 8th Grade through College age.

If you are looking for an outstanding player development camp, look no further!  Point Guard Elite is the pinnacle of basketball camps.  Jason Otter started the Point Guard Elite camp in 2001 and it quicky became known as one of the most intense camps in the country.  As Jason evolved into one of the most sought-after teachers of the game, the Point Guard Elite camp evolved as well.  As the game has changed in the last 20 years, so has our instruction.  While players will still be pushed mentally and physically throughout the 4 days, they will learn skills that will give them the advantage over more athletic players, learn traits that help establish themselves as leaders and understand what their coaches expect from them.  Let’s look into this a little deeper…

Upon arrival into the Point Guard Elite camp, it doesn’t take long for players to get a sense that expectations for the week will be high and demanding.  Jason Otter is present and provides instruction and demonstration in all Point Guard Elite camps held.  This is how we can guarantee that you will have the same high-level teaching, intensity and atmosphere no matter which location you choose to attend.  On the first morning, Jason, our staff of current college players that have been through the OtterBasketball program and usually a few experienced OtterBasketball students will go through a camp demonstration showing players and parents an overview of what players will be doing the next 4 days.  From that point on, we waste no time throughout the day.  Students attending this camp will not be placed in a classroom watching power points and listening to lectures most of the day.  We feel players learn best when they are on the court and that’s where we will spend most all of our time where players will Hear the instruction, See the skill demonstrated and Perform the drill.  We make sure players have a clear understanding of what we are doing, why we are doing it and how it applies in a game.

Please understand, this is strictly an individual skill development camp.  We will not play games at this camp.  Players will go through game simulation situations, which will allow them to incorporate learned concepts from the camp.  We get players of all levels at this camp…from kids that want to be the best high school player they can be to players looking to play high major Division I basketball and beyond.  However, all players that attend this camp have one thing in common: The drive to do what it takes to win.  Having played on a professional level and developed players that have had major success in the NBA, G-League, Euro League and more, Coach Otter understands what it takes to attain the goals young players set.  Players entering the Point Guard Elite camp will be introduced to a system of play that is proven.  We will not have them go through senseless drills that will not transfer to game play.  Players will not only be taken through player development drills and concepts that can be implemented right away but will leave the camp motivated to work having an off-season workout plan in hand.  We make sure players have every opportunity to maximize their potential.  Most players repeat this camp multiple times and implement the Virtual Training.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The entire Efficiency of Movement piece which is a staple of the OtterBasketball program
  • First Step Development
  • Level 1-3 Jump Rope program used to develop foot speed, rhythm & reinforce shooting gate while maintaining proper alignment.
  • Proper use of Triple Threat
  • Introduction of the A-Z Shot Development System
  • Attacking more athletic players in transition & half court sets
  • Concepts designed to put players in position to make the game easy
  • Concepts that allow players success against more athletic players
  • Creating angles on defense in transition & half court sets
  • Creating passing angles in transition & half court sets
  • Movement Without the Ball
  • Understanding the Ball Screen Game
    • Making the proper read vs. the defense: hard hedge, soft hedge, under screen
    • Proper footwork coming off the screen
    • Understanding passing angles coming off the screen
    • Understanding how to put yourself in position to effectively use the ball screen
  • Getting open on the perimeter
  • Creating space against quicker, more athletic players
  • Handling pressure in the backcourt
  • Creating Shots for Teammates and for Yourself
  • Finishing at the rim in different game situations; speed and power finishes
  • Defense – one on one & team defense; how to put the offensive player in angles
  • In-Season, Off-Season and Game Leadership
  • How to create intensity in practice
  • Relationship building tips between coaches and teammates

Parents are allowed to attend the camp demonstration at 9am on the first day.  At the conclusion, parents are excused and asked not to come into the gym area while camp is in session.  This is because we want players soul focus on the instruction as there is a lot of content taught throughout the day.  Coaches that have players in attendance or parents may pay an observation fee, same as the registration fee, and have all access to the camp.  Contact Christy@otterbasketball.com or call 1-866-357-2966 to arrange.

“We emphasize that players work hard to make others around them better thus creating an atmosphere that will truly make them a better player on and off the court.”
— Jason Otter

The OtterBasketball Staff is an ensemble of current college players that have all trained in the OtterBasketball program through camps and virtual training.  We are careful to choose assistants that have proven they are excellent students and are well respected by their coaches and community, besides being recognized for their basketball accomplishments.  Their knowledge of the OtterBasketball system, hard work, training, skills, and expertise elevate this camp to the ELITE level of training you are looking for and help make this an even better experience for your son or daughter.down_arrow

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