Otter Basketball Point Guards

OtterBasketball Point Guards 

Point Guard Elite and OtterBasketball are proud to announce this year’s camp schedule.   What makes OtterBasketball’s Point Guard Elite Americas #1 camp for player development?  We have developed over 1000 division 1 players over the past 10 years and currently have several players ranked within the top 100 prep players in the country.  I guess the big question is how have we become so effective at helping our students achieve their goals?  First at the core of the foundation is discipline.  We teach our players a disciplined approach through self-accountability.  I am Jason Otter the founder of Point Guard Elite camps and former NBA skills trainer.  I have made it clear at our camps; I am not interested in training players, but teaching them how to effectively train themselves.  There is no question we have had a lot of success with players, but we aren’t doing the work for them physically or mentally.  We are simply teaching them and inspiring them to do these things once they leave us.

We specialize in efficiency.  Learning to play efficiently is one of the most important components for playing above your athletic set, which is a necessity to play elite level basketball.  Our system starts by teaching players proper movement tracks, which allows players to look and play more athletically.

Once players are capable of maximizing their athletic ability, we then teach them how to play above their athletic set or put themselves in positions that make the game easy.  We have discovered through extensive video analysis that players struggle with this and often make the game more difficult rather than understanding how to lengthen themselves out and play more effectively against today’s faster, taller, longer, stronger player.

Another crucial component is our shot development system, which ties directly into our efficiency and consistency training.  This system uses many of the teaching methods that are used in our movement piece to teach players how to become one of the best shooters in the country.  Players that develop effective shooting mechanics are 180 percent shooters (40% from 3point / 50% from field / 90% free-throw = 180%).  Players that shoot these numbers do it with the intention to create for teammates rather than themselves.   It makes them harder to guard, demands defensive respect, makes it much easier to penetrate and creates more effective passing angles.

Finally, all of our players will have a solid understanding of how to make everyone else around them better through their daily mentality, communication skills, and ability to lead their team.  This is the most important factor as it transfers directly to life skills and makes them more productive members of society even after their basketball career is over.

The Point Guard Elite system developed by OtterBasketball is different from the other point guard systems.  It is built off of exercise science principles and teaching principles that I have developed from over 35 years of coaching and playing basketball and teaching inner city youth for over 20 years.  I am present at all Point Guard Elite and Junior Elite camps and do not accept over 60 participants unlike many of the other camps that take over 100 students.  This allows me to give the bulk of the instruction and make sure content is presented in a consistent manner to maximize results.  The system also comes with an online curriculum for players to follow once they leave the camp so the education and player development process is continued until the player returns to the next event.  “Point Guard Elite:  Real Results for Real Players!!”

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