One Day Basketball Camp

This basketball camp will cover basic concepts to Otterbasketball and will help you start building the foundation needed to advance in the Otterbasketball training system. Otterbasketball recommends this camp for returning players as well as players new to the program because it consistently reinforces the importance of having a solid foundation in elite training development. The camp is co-ed unless requested differently and is designed for experienced, serious players 4th through 12th grades. Don’t miss this opportunity to develop your game and take it to the next level. Players will learn:

How to develop a solid foundation off the dribble or out of triple threat
Otterbasketball efficiency concepts that will transfer to any part of their game (Posts and Guards alike)
How to maximize their foot speed with proper training techniques
Proper practice techniques so players do not waste their practice time in the gym
Game concepts that will make it easy to beat faster and quicker players to the basket off the dribble or out of triple threat.
Coach Otter will break down each drill and explain the exact reasoning for the drill. These basketball camps include a complete packet with all the drills that have been taught.

Day basketball camps are run in either a full day or a two half day format. The one day camp requires a minimum of 30 students and the maximum is determined by the space availability. This one-day basketball camp is intense and is 7 hours in duration. A normal one-day camp is 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Rates vary beginning at $80.00 per player. We can set-up any one-day camp in your area.

Jason Otter Camps
Jason is an expert at teaching the fundamentals of the game from the physical aspect as well as the mental. Each drill will be broken down and explained so each student will develop a clear understanding of the exact reasoning behind it. He also teaches basketball conditioning. Jason’s conditioning is executed through fundamental drills in a very intense manner.

Jason’s basketball camps are all co-ed, unless requested differently. They are like none you’ve ever attended. They are physically and mentally challenging, but provide each player with the proper tools to elevate their game. These

Camps build individual skills. There is no team scrimmaging or one-on-one competition. They are not a day-care or a trophy camp— they are for serious players wanting to elevate their game.

Basketball Camps are open to the general public, closed to just your school and/or club teams and in many other settings. We work with you closely to design the camp that best suits your situation.

Jason is the instructor and attends every camp. We provide a T-shirt and lunch during camp. We ask that you bring water to have court-side for your convenience and a towel. Every player needs to arrive 30 minutes prior to the start time of each camp.

Horseplay and poor attitudes will not be tolerated and could lead to dismissal from camp without a refund. Players are expected to behave as they would in a team environment. If your desires are to develop yourself as a leader on and off the court, this is the camp for you.

Registration is available on-line for all sessions.

Jason’s staff is an ensemble of professional players that were highly touted Division I players. Jason has trained his staff, personally, since their high school years. Some of the Otterbasketball instructors are currently playing professionally. Their talent, knowledge, hard work, training, skills, and expertise elevate this camp to the ELITE level of training you are looking for.

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