Killer Crossover

Developing a Killer Crossover

 How can I develop that crossover that breaks players ankles? Everyone wants to have handles and a part of that is your ability to get to the rim and create shots for your teammates and yourself. The Crossover can be a powerful tool to have at your disposal to make this happen. Lets identify 5 key components that will make this dribble more deceptive and harder to contain.

  1. Make players guard you tight. Your ability to shoot naturally closes the distance between yourself and the defense immediately making you harder to guard. The defense must respect your shot.
  2. Widen out your angles. Widen out your angles to the rim by stretching your dribbles outside your hip and using OtterBasketball concepts such as the drift.
  3. Be multi directional. Defensive players must respect you ability to beat them with a blow by making your sell that much more effective.
  4. Sell angles with your eyes. You ability to move players with your eyes is huge. Using multi direction loads introduced inside the OtterBasketball system like the stick for example.
  5. Load your feet effectively. Your ability to load your feet and maintain alignment through the OtterBasketball system makes you that much more explosive and difficult to guard. Allowing you to get through a defensive players hip and move as fast as possible.