Keys to effective defensive stance

In Order to shut down a great offensive player we must first start with a great stance.  If your stance suffers you will not be able to move laterally or recover and sprint.  Players will find that they are consistently off balance, which makes it much easier on the offensive player.  After being vocal and being in position everything starts with a stance.

  1. Keep your core engaged too often players turn their core loose which causes them to be off balance
  2. Get low if you think you are low enough get lower unless you cannot move fluidly
  3. Front of feet -Most of your weight should be on the front of your feet specifically towards the inside of the foot allowing a player to push off for explosion.
  4. Wide base and feet straight ahead – it allows a player to load more effectively allowing them to move quicker
  5. Feet should be wider than your should put not so wide that a player cant drive through their foot.
  6. Your butt should be behind your heels with a nice straight back it is essential that players get their hips back and take a seat.
  7. Knees must be inside feet this will give players a more explosive load as well as prevent injury
  8. Your butt must be down with proper posture this helps players maintain their balance more effectively.
  9. Shoulders should be slightly ahead of the knees but not way out in front. Sticking you chest out will help keep your back straight
  10. Hands should stay up mirroring the ball and obstructing players view.