Junior Elite Camp


Junior Elite basketball camp was designed for the serious young player to start familiarizing them with a more advanced curriculum at a younger age in a disciplined environment. Players will begin to start developing an understanding of how to maximize their game not just from an athletic perspective but also as a leader. Students will begin to build off of foundational concepts and expand into understanding what it takes from a personal and team aspect to succeed at the next level. Students will begin to understand our PGE motto "The only success is team success!!" Students should leave the camp with a solid understanding of what it takes to play High Level Basketball as well as how to make everyone around them better on and off the court.

WHO CAN ATTEND? OtterBasketball Junior Elite camp is co-ed and is open to incoming 4th through 7th grade players of all positions. This basketball camp is not for just Point Guards. As the game changes, all players must be more skilled and better leaders to begin to play above their athletic set. Coaches are also welcome to attend for a fee. This basketball camp would help any coach that is serious about getting the most out of his or her players especially in their youth programs.

CURRICULUM This basketball camp is designed for the serious player that wants to be an elite high school player and beyond. Players will begin to develop an understanding of what it takes to play above their athletic set:
(1) Learning how to properly move with the ball and without (defensively and offensively)
(2) Introduction to the OtterBasketball shot development program
(3) Begin to learn how to slow the game down and put themselves in positions that make the game easy (Pass/dribble/body alignment / defense)
(4) Understand how to practice to not only make themselves better but develop an understanding of how to make everyone around them better.
(5) Lessons on how to take their passion for basketball and transfer it to everything they do.

Students will develop an understanding of how hard you must work and how disciplined you must be at a young age to have true success. They will learn to take advantage of their opportunities in the classroom as well on the court identifying all learning opportunities as they present themselves. They will develop a true understanding of fun basketball realizing with hard work the rewards that can come from their passion lead to fun memorable experiences through the game.

  • Understanding of key components in their foundation that will help them play strong with and without the ball
  • How to create passing angles out of pressure situations and traps
  • Proper foot work and body alignment defensively and offensively that will allow them to play and appear more athletic
  • A solid understanding of how to continue to progress once they leave the camp
  • How to attack full court pressure and traps
  • How to load their feet more effectively to create space
  • How to cover more ground off the dribble to attack athletic defensive players
  • Maximize workouts by using visualization during each drill with deliberate practice
  • Development of critical hand eye coordination early in their development
  • How to execute and practice proper finishes in different situations at the rim
  • How to minimize turnovers with proper ball-handling, spacing, and passing techniques.
  • How to guard and proper movement mechanics for guarding quicker more explosive players
  • The importance of iMessaging for proper communication with players and coaches
  • The importance of faith and hard work when playing through mistakes
  • The ability to move the defense by selling angles with the pass and dribble
  • The importance of positive verbal and nonverbal communication cues with teammates and coaches
    -How to deal with success and failure personally and with your teammates
    -how to maintain a leadership mentality through good and bad experiences
    -Understanding of how to develop a workout program that maximizes your time in the gym
    -Find out what it takes so you are the player that your coach talks about for the next 30 years not because of your skill set but your mentality
    -and MUCH MORE!!

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