How to make better reads off dribble

How to Make Better Reads off the Dribble

 Why should we use the outside the hip dribble more and how can we use it more effectively?

Great Basketball players don’t make moves they make reads. As players get older we deemphasize basketball dribble moves and begin to emphasize dribble reads. One of the foundational principles of the Otter Basketball system for success states that players must understand how to put themselves in positions that make the game easy vs. more athletic players.

One concept that is practiced by Otter Basketball players in their Basketball training on a routine basis is a player’s ability to maintain their dribble outside their hip vs. pressure against a longer taller athlete. This allows players to close the distance making it easier for a player to create a better passing angle as well as allowing them to speed up their release on their pass. It also makes it easier for a player if their movement tracts are consistent to Otter Basketball Training concepts to drop their shoulders effectively through a defensive players hip. It should also be remembered that whenever possible as a player maintains their dribble outside their hip they would also want to keep their hips on the rim. Unlesss they are intentionally taking them off the rim to deceive the defense.

QUICK REVIEW and things to remember during BASKETBALL TRAINING

  • Great Players read the defense and take what they are given rather than trying to take what the defense is taking.
  • Outside the hip dribbles allow players to close the distance vs. more athletic players, which allows them to negate a player’s length. (Very useful vs. the typical long athletic basketball player).
  • It is important to engage the defense to make the game easy to often we try to run or get away from elite level players.
  • Outside the hip dribbles aide in creating passing angles as well as attacking the rim whether the player can stay on the rim or not.