How to Feed the Post

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How to Feed the Post

Keys to Feeding the Post Effectively:

  1. Be able to shoot. This forces the defense to guard you and close the distance making the pass much easier.
  2. Get in position. Too often players try to feed the post out of position. Make sure you stretch your angles to create a better angle on the entry. Most coaches want their players at least at the free-throw line before attempting entry.
  3. Engage the defense. You must engage the defense to make post entry easier.
  4. Move players as much with your eyes. One thing we can do to make post entry easier is to move the defense with our eyes or pass fake.
  5. Do not bounce the ball two thirds of the way to intended receiver. May need to watch the video to grasp this concept. Today’s athlete is too long or tall and this could lead to a deflection.
  6. Use topspin on entry pass to shorten bounce pass. Thumb over top pass introduced in above video.
  7. Work out of dribble threat instead of triple against a high-level athlete. This allows players to stretch out angles more effectively and make better reads if they understand OtterBasketball concepts and have an OtterBasketball handle.
  8. Keep the ball behind the hip off the dribble. This allows you to engage the defender more effectively and speeds up the pass eliminating wasted motion and speeding up the pass.
  9. Make sure you read the defensive players hands. This is really only effective vs. quicker players if you are a one click passer.
  10. Use the Stockton pass in high-pressure situation. This allows you to widen out your passing angle as well as taking the ball away from the player shifting the defense.

For more on creating a better passing angle in special situations, check out our Point Guard Elite camp as well as our Point Guard Elite video series. Go to OtterBasketball.com to find a camp near you or email Christy@otterbasketball.com to bring a camp to your location.