How to Develop NBA Quick Release


I can remember as a young basketball player trying to speed up my release by trying to shoot the ball faster with every repetition. Thinking back to this kind of practice reminds me of just how inexperienced with my training I truly was as a young player. At OtterBasketball we teach our players to not only train harder but smarter than the competition thus giving them an edge vs. high-level athletes. As we talk about doing things faster in the system we have 3 basic principles that have been scientifically proven to increase speed.

  1. Efficiency (it is very important OtterBasketball players understand how we teach efficiency through exercise science principle and reinforce it through daily work and game positioning)
  2. Familiarity of movement tracks (Players must understand how we ingrain movement tracks into a players subconscious to perform these specific activities which are all related from a kinesthetic perspective)
  3. Rhythm (OtterBasketball players should understand rhythmic patterns which takes place through movement and auditory training)

When trying to speed up your shot off the dribble you must first understand the concepts that will make you a more efficient shooter. We encourage our players to execute pocket high dribbles, which makes it easy for them to wrinkle their wrist and position the ball in their shooting pocket as quickly as possible. From a strong hand dribble, players should be vary subtle with a quick wrinkle in their wrist as they drop to shoot through their body. With the weak hand plays should take the bullets to the gun rather than taking the gun to the bullets while hitting a wrinkled shooting hand. For more on the bullets to gun drill see OtterBasketball’s specific Bullet to gun shooting drill. When considering footwork it is usually quicker to use a one, two step on a pull-up when attacking the rim and using the drop when creating space or manipulating a defensive across or away form the rim.