How to get a perfect jump shot

Shooting can be a controversial topic with Coaches all around the country debating whose technique is best. We did not want to use this video to validate or debate any one way of teaching shooting, but would like to say that many of these styles of teaching shooting just don’t make sense from a movement mechanic standpoint. Too often their progressions don’t line up with proper teaching methods but in certain situations could lead to success. However we wanted to identify 3 aspects of the jump shot that all great shooters do consistently.


  1. The Line – Good shooters end on their line consistently great shooters start on their line and maintain their line through their release. A NBA shooting Coach Once told me great shooters are straight shooters. I really believe that and the faster we can find that line in our shot the more consistent we are. Our players are encouraged to lock into the rim not only for shooting purposes but also for passing angles and attack purposes as well. A good example is our Bullet to Gun drill but all OtterBasketball shooting drills follow this concept because our players must be as efficient as possible.
  2. Rhythm – Rhythm is such a major factor in the shot and in the game. OtterBasketball players are taught to maintain their rhythm throughout the game and rehearse these rhythmic patterns daily in their workout. Rhythm is reinforced in all shooting situations in our A-Z shooting program with its foundation being a one click shot form the floor to the finger tips.
  3. Release Point – Just recently I was chatting with another NBA Coach friend of mine and he said what is following through. That statement alone says it all. People can say follow though and that may give a player some feed back to not pull the string on their shot. However more often than not Coaches are referring to release point. We teach and expect all of our shooters to have a locked out release point at 1 O’clock consistently.