How to become hard to guard


Becoming a Hard to Guard more Efficient Basketball Player!!

Obviously as Offensive Basketball players we want to put pressure on the defense making ourselves hard to guard which in turn makes the game not only easier on ourselves but our teammates as well. Four principles, which will immediately make a player harder to guard from a dribble penetration standpoint are as listed below.

  1. You must engage the defensive player. We have talked about this when facing Elite level players and have reinforced it through our Otter Basketball Camps and Online Basketball Training daily.
  2. Load your feet properly. Proper side loading techniques for negating a defensive players length as well as maximizing your length have been addressed extensively at Point Guard Elite Camps as well as reinforced through OtterBasketball daily Online Training.
  3. Get your shoulders through the defensive players hip. OtterBasketball efficiency of movement tracks reinforces this concept and begin to make the game much easier vs. the elite level athlete.
  4. Throw a punch through the defensive players hip. This is reinforced early in a player’s basketball training but it must be remembered that players who skip the progressions will have a poor foundation and will struggle with game incorporation of these concepts.

Reminder: In order to fully understand the system it is highly recommended that a player attends a Point Guard Elite Camp and reinforces it through our online basketball training. Refer to the article under Point Guard Play (Why attend multiple Point Guard Elite Camps).