Get handles Like STEVE NASH

Steve Nash (Basketball Training)

10 Tips to Get Handles Like Steve Nash

  1. Move in Alignment in your Basketball Training.

One of the keys to maximizing your athletic ability in a movement based sport like basketball involves moving in proper alignment. This may also help prolong your basketball career and prevent injury. Refer to OtterBasketball movement track training through breakdown checkpoint intrinsic basketball techniques.

  1. Stay in Rhythm during your basketball workouts.

Basketball is a game of Rhythm. It is essential that you do not take yourself out of Rhythm when you play and make it very difficult for the defense to do so as well. This is developed through OtterBasketball Training deliberately practiced with variety of drills and the use of rhythmic nuances.

  1. Be elusive in your basketball training for game success.

This refers to your ability to not overpower a player or out quick them but to slip your should through a players hips and absorb contact taking angles rather than giving them. OtterBasketball Point Guard Elite Camp and Online Training teaches players the art of basketball elusiveness through movement tracks, concepts, and simulations that transfer directly to game play.

  1. Hit your Pocket consistently in your basketball training workouts.

Your ability to hit your pocket is another aspect that would continue to make the game easy. At OtterBasketball’s Point Guard Elite Camp pocket play is taught and reinforced through training drills making players more efficient with the pass, dribble, and shot.

  1. Keep hips on rim (unless it is intentional) in your basketball training to make the game easy.

Keeping your hips on the rim makes the game much easier vs. high-level athletes. It keeps defensive players honest when playing the ball-screen game while also making it much easier to get to the rim. However there may be times where we disengage our hips to manipulate defensive players or use indirect angles. For more on Positioning to make the game easy see OtterBasketballs Point Guard Elite Basketball Camp.

  1. Keep your head up training and the use of visualization can increase Basketball IQ.

Your ability to see everything around you creates a better sense of court awareness and allows you to identify situations in your minds basketball Rolodex. This intern gives people the idea that you see things on the court before they happen and increases basketball IQ.

  1. Understand defensive tendencies through study outside on court basketball training can increase game results.

Basketball positioning and movement tracks are huge. But understanding defensive tendencies through study and scouting reports is huge to understanding how to use our handle more effectively. It is not the handle that makes Nash dangerous and hard to guard it is his knowledge and awareness on how and when to use that handle vs. the defenses weaknesses that makes him dangerous.

  1. Be well rehearsed.

Watching a player like Steve Nash it is obvious that he does not rely on overpowering players with eye catching athletic ability or tricking them with a sick handle. He more often comes across as being so comfortable on the floor with his well practiced skill set and knowledge to not only use his skills effectively but the skills of his teammates as well. OtterBasketball has consistently taught players how to evaluate their teammates strengths and weaknesses according to the system that they plan in to put them in positions for success.

  1. Stay calm to maximize basketball-training results.

It is a well known fact that players in heated situations do not want to play a hundred miles an hour. But stay calm and slow down during pressure situations letting the game come to them thus making it easier to make reads and breakdown defenses with their handle when appropriate. The OtterBasketball system teaches players how to slow down the game with their handle to address situations increasing basketball IQ.

  1. Fluctuation of dribble speed during training increases perceived speed and quickness in the game.

Steve Nash was able to look much faster or quicker than he was with his handle because of his ability to manipulate his dribble speed to dictate the defenses actions rather than allowing the defense to dictate his in many cases. OtterBasketball and Point Guard Elite Basketball Camps use a variety of drills and game simulations to help players grasp this concept and incorporate in their skill set.