Creating Space Off the Dribble

How to Create Space off the Dribble

We always get the question: How can I create more space to get my shot off? Many people immediately begin to talk about concepts when addressing this topic. However we should first mention how important movement tracks are for maximizing athletic ability in turn making players hard to guard and forcing defensive players to give a player space. We should also mention how important it is to be a great shooter forcing the defense to close the distance making it easier on the offensive player to create space. With that lets look at the keys to creating space off the dribble.

  1. Be a threat to attack the rim. Being aggressive to the basket keeps the defense on alert and aware that they must work to stop you from attacking the rim.
  2. Be a great shooter this will make it easier for the offensive player to close the distance keeping the defense on alert guarding the rim and the shot.
  3. Load to Go!! Understand OtterBasketball movement tracks that will make you longer and more explosive to the rim.
  4. Load to get away!! If players are aggressively attacking the defensive players hip forcing the defensive player to recover to protect the rim thus making it much easier to create space. It is important that players can execute proper loading techniques to create space. Look at OtterBasketballs drills (behind the Back to create space or even the NBA Step back).
  5. Attack an up Foot forcing a defensive player to swing their hips.   Any time we attack a defensive players up foot it makes it much easier to create space or attack the rim.

The importance of creating space off the dribble cannot be denied whether we are creating that space to create a simpler passing angle or creating a closeout situation or space for a last second shot.