Camp Rules and Guidelines

Point Guard Elite & Junior Elite Camp


What to Bring:

  • Players will be provided a t-shirt to wear for each day of the camp. Players will sweat plenty and if they would prefer to change into dry clothes at lunch, they are welcome to do so.  An extra pack of 4 t-shirts will be available to purchase for $20.
  • Overnight campers are staying in a hotel, so bedding and towels are provided. Campers should bring personal hygiene toiletries (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc).
  • Campers will have time in the evening between dinner and curfew to get into the pool and/or hot tub.
  • Money for snacks, drinks, etc. You are welcome to bring snacks for your room.  Refrigerators are provided in most hotel rooms.
  • Water and Gatorade will be provided throughout the camp; however, players may bring their own drinks to avoid waiting in line.
  • Campers will eat breakfast at the hotel. Lunch is catered to the gym and dinner is catered to the hotel.  Players will want a clean pair of clothes to change into before dinner.
  • All luggage must be tagged with the campers first and last names.
  • No equipment, such as basketballs, are needed. Everything is provided.  If you prefer to use your own basketballs or jump rope, you are welcome to bring them.


  • Please arrive at the gym the first morning of camp by 8:15am for check-in and bring all luggage with you. Please make sure luggage is tagged with the camper’s first and last names.  OtterBasketball staff will transport luggage to the hotel.  Players may be picked up at the gym at 5:00pm on the last day of camp.  Luggage will be at the gym.
  • Each camper will be assigned a chaperone, which is a member of the OtterBasketball staff.
  • Players are NEVER allowed to leave the hotel.
  • Each camper will be responsible for informing their chaperone where they will be at all times (pool/hot tub/lobby/room).
  • Wake-up calls will be set for each room. Players are responsible for getting themselves to the breakfast area at the time designated.  Chaperones will take roll at breakfast to make sure each camper is present.
  • Meals are MANDATORY! Campers are expected to clean up their space both at the hotel and gym eating areas.  Do not expect the staff to clean up after you.
  • Campers will be in travel groups with a designated departure time to and from the hotel each day for camp. Chaperones will again take roll.
  • Boys and Girls stay on separate floors. Boys are never allowed to be on the girl’s floor and girls are never allowed to be on the boy’s floor.
  • All players are to be in their rooms by 9:00pm. Room checks will be completed by chaperones.  Lights are out at 10:00pm.  Chaperones will again check each room.
  • If campers have a cell phone, we will ask that they provide their number to their chaperone in case of emergency. Players will not be able to make outside calls on their hotel phone.  If your camper does not have a phone, please arrange a time that you can call the hotel and be transferred to their room.
  • We ask campers to stay off of their cell phones while we are together for meals. We prefer that texting/calls be made from their cell phone in their room after dinner.
  • Campers are not allowed to purchase pay-per-view movies or charge snacks and drinks to their room or make calls from the hotel phone in their room. If a camper does not have a cell phone, parents may call their son/daughter’s hotel room.
  • Campers may order pizza at night. They need to order through their chaperone, providing money and tip for their chaperone to pay the pizza delivery person.  Orders must be turned in by 7:30pm.



  • All players will be dropped off the first morning of camp at the gym between 8-9am and will be picked up on the last day at the gym at 5pm.
  • Players that fly in the night before and need transportation from the hotel to the gym on the first morning, please make arrangements by emailing Christy@otterbasketball.com or call 1-866-357-2966 ahead of time. You may also send Christy a text to 417-766-3503.
  • Hotel rooms are provided only during the dates of the camp. If you are arriving the night before the camp or staying once the camp has ended, you are responsible for contacting the hotel and making your own room reservation.
  • OtterBasketball does not provide transportation to/from the airport. You are responsible for contacting a car service, taxi or hotel for transportation to/from the airport.
  • If you are staying for a Shooting Camp the day after PGE/Jr Elite has ended, you will need to make hotel arrangements and transportation to the gym. OtterBasketball staff may be able to provide transportation, however, this needs to be arranged beforehand.  Contact Christy@otterbasketball.com, call 1-866-357-2966 or send Christy a text to 417-766-3503 to do so.


Zero Tolerance:

  • Breaking any of the above rules, being late or acting in an immature behavior; being disruptive to other players, staff, hotel staff or others staying in the hotel will result in the camper(s) being disciplined during camp or could result in dismissal from the camp without a refund.
  • Be respectful to one another, hotel staff, chaperones at all times. This is an elite camp and we expect elite behavior from all campers during these four days.  Running down the hallway, playing loud music/tv is not tolerated.
  • These rules and guidelines are enforced for camper’s safety and to ensure they are properly taken care of.



  • Arrive at the gym for the first day of camp at 8:30am.
  • Arrive each day at camp no later than 7:45am and ready to hit the floor no later than 8:00am.
  • Lunch will be provided. No carry in lunches unless due to an allergy.  Please notify us ahead of time.  You must pick up after yourself, your area and the floor around you.
  • No equipment, such as basketballs are needed. Everything will be provided.  If you prefer to use your own basketball or jump rope, you are welcome to bring them.
  • We recommend that you bring water/Gatorade to have courtside for your convenience. We will provide water/Gatorade, however lines sometimes get long so it may be more convenient to have your own.  Please make sure all bottles are not left in bleachers or on the floor.
  • We ask players to stay off of their cell phones throughout the camp. If they need to check messages or make a phone call, please do so on lunch break.
  • Please have rides at the gym at 5:00pm. We are not responsible for you after 5:00pm.



  • All participants are expected and required to be encouraging and positive to one another during this camp. Players are expected to help one another, push one another and be respectful of one another at all times.  DO NOT talk, dribble or horse around when Coach Otter or any of the staff is instructing you or the entire camp.  This is a serious camp and unlike any camp you have ever attended.  You are there to learn.  This camp will require 9 hours of your utmost attention and hard work.



  • Parents are invited to stay and watch the camp demo on the first day. This is a basic introduction into the camp to give you a look into what we will be covering over the 4 days.  Once the demo is over, parents are excused, we’ll meet with players then get to work on the court.
  • Parents are asked not to sit in or watch the Point Guard Elite or Junior Elite camps. We do this simply so players stay focused on the instruction.
  • OtterBasketball will be posting several pictures and video clips of the camp on social media daily (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). We will have a camp highlight video that will be posted to all social media outlets as soon as we are able to do so.
  • If there is an injury or emergency with your child, we will call the emergency contact number you gave at registration. If you need to contact your child during the hours of the camp, please text Christy @ 417-766-3503 with the player’s name and whom they should call.  Players are encouraged to stay off of their phones throughout the camp.
  • Please review the guidelines above with your son or daughter. Players attend our Point Guard Elite and Junior Elite from all over the United States and abroad.  We are very excited that you have made the commitment to taking your game to the next level!