Become an Elite Point Guard


To be an elite point guard we must understand the only success is team success

  1. Hardest work in the program
  2. Stay positive (personal and team)
  3. Make someone better everyday on and off the floor
  4. Set the tone be fired up in practice and the game it starts on defense
  5. Be an extension of your coach and the system on and off the floor

There are many things that we expect our guards to do to get the most out of their teammates.  At our OtterBasketball Point Gurd Elite camp our motto is The only SUCCUSS is TEAM SUCCUSS!!  We would like to identify 5 of our 100 tips that we identify for an Elite level point Guard.

TIP #1 Have to be the hardest worker in the program.  We expect no one to spend more time in the gym than our Point Guards.  We constantly tell our players that they need to be the player their Coach talks about for the next 30 years not because of skill set but because of mentality.

TIP #2 Stay Positive it is important everyday that we are a vocal presence in practice in a positive way.  We need to encourage not discourage bring people up not bring them down.  With this we must learn how to communicate effectively and positively even in tough situations.

TIP #3  Make someone better everyday on and off the floor.  We need our players to ultimitly understand that basketball is real about life lessons and what better way to practice it than through the game of basketball.  With basketball as jour platform and service being a solid part of our foundations we must remind ourselves that for true success we must make everyone better around us.

TIP #4  Bring intensity and passion in practice and the game everyday.  Passion is not something that can be faked and it must be genuine to truly lead effectively.  Remmeber that Point Guards set the tone on defense make sure you get after people and are extremely vocal on Defense.

TIP #5  Be an extension of the coach on and off the floor.  No your coaches system like th back of your hand.  Find out what system you are running and research the topic taking notes after every practice in a a notebook that can be reviewed later.  How could you ever expect your peers to follow or listen to you if you were not knowledgable about the topic.

For many more tips check out our Point Guard Elite Camp or Point Guard Elite Video series at OtterBasketball.com.  I look forward to seeing you this summer as I am present and lead all instruction at OtterBasketball events.  Make sure you subscribe to our site and follow us on facebook to find out what location is more convenient for you to attend.   And be sure to check out our Online Training for 2.5 hours of deliberate practice a day.

To bring an OtterBasketball event to your location email Christy@otterbasketball.com or call 1-866-357-2966.   Remember the only SUCCESS is TEAM SUCCESS!!