14 Tips to Lockdown Defense


  1. Take them off their line and get them out of rhythm
  2. Have a good stance (get low)
  3. Know your coaches system
  4. Be vocal
  5. Read the scouting report
  6. Close the window and box out
  7. Understand full-court defensive principles
  8. See the person your guarding and the ball at all times
  9. Alter your opponents path whether they have the ball or not
  10. Slap up at the ball instead of down
  11. Watch the opponents waist
  12. Force them where you want them to go. The defense should dictate what the offense does instead of the offense dictating the defense
  13. Set the tone
  14. Work Hard Defensively in offseason in pick-up games (from a positioning standpoint and a vocal standpoint)