Get A Quicker, More Consistent Shot Off the Dribble

Get A Quicker, More Consistent Shot Off the Dribble

I can remember as a high school player trying to speed up my shot by going out and working on shooting the ball as fast as possible. This is often where we as players and coaches make our first mistake. The first key to shooting quickly with consistency starts with efficiency. It is important that players engrain efficiency into their shot. Let’s look at some of the keys to speeding up your shot off the dribble.

KEYS to a Quick, Consistent Release Off the Dribble:

  1. Athletic Stance - a player handling the ball should have an athletic stance with the chest open to the rim.
  2. Pocket High Dribble - make sure your dribble is pocket high allowing players to hit their pocket more efficiently to get into their shot.
  3. Create your Line
    1. Strong Hand Dribble: As the ball goes into the pocket the elbow must be in line with the ball with a wrinkled wrist
    2. Weak Hand Dribble: Take the ball to the wrinkled wrist creating a line with the elbow under the ball while remaining square to the rim.
  4. Rhythm is a major component of speed and consistency. The ball should hit the pocket as the hips sink to their lowest point, allowing a player with proper mechanics to shoot one click form the pocket.

Common Mistakes:

  1. Players baby dribble rather than hit their dribble/shooting pocket, causing them to bring the ball up to shoot it rather than sink it with their hips.
  2. Players drop the ball rather than sinking their hips causing an extra click as they go into their shot.
  3. Players do not keep their chest open to the rim putting them above the ball rather than underneath it which either flattens out their shot or causes an additional click.
  4. Players track the ball to a non-wrinkled wrist thus slowing down their release again by causing an additional click.
  5. Players take their shooting hand to the ball when dribbling with non shooting hand causing players to shoot across their body with elbow out or find their line at the top of the shot making them inconsistent.