10 tips to playing with confidence

10 Tips to Playing with Confidence

  1. Preparation-Always make sure that you have prepped for the game. Know your opponents strengths and weaknesses as well as yours and play to them.
  2. Don’t Doubt Yourself-Never doubt yourself. Put yourself and your teammates in situations for success hard to do when you doubt your skill set.
  3. Don’t Over Analyze Mistakes-Don’t over focus on mistakes learn from them and move past them much like a good quarterbacks do when he throws a interception.
  4. Have Faith(keep the game in perspective)-It is important through tuff times that we have a deep faith that reaches far beyond basketball God has a plan for us all.
  5. Use Visualization-Visualization techniques are proven. Research them and use them before practice and the game.
  6. Have a Routine-Routines have been found to help players settle in and play to their ability but do not be superstitious.
  7. Be Vocal-Talking to teammates and being positive is a good way to get through the emotional mind blocks that negative thinking can cause.
  8. Have Knowledge-Know your teams system as well as your coach. Study video about the system so you can direct players positively in the game. Knowledge breads confidence.
  9. Be Disciplined-Discipline is very overlooked when people talk about confidence. Knowing that you are more disciplined than your opponents on and off the court will give you confidence.
  10. Understand How to Deal with Adversity-Understand how to deal with tuff situations by controlling your emotions and approaching them in an educated way.