10 tips to mental toughness

10 Tips to Mental Toughness

  1. Focus on the Team-Too often we focus on ourselves instead of our team putting unneeded pressure on ourselves.
  2. Don’t Engage in Distractions-Players often get caught up in the distractions for example: talking or engaging the crowd. This makes it impossible for our practice time to truly shine in high pressure situations.
  3. Don’t Talk to Opposing Players-Engaging opposing players instead of our teammates definitely make us mentally weaker and can often tempt us to play outside ourselves.
  4. Have a Pre-Game Routine and Get Rest-Have a pre-game routine helps us get our mind right and prepare us for the task at hand.
  5. Know Your Role-One of the biggest mistakes we make is being unclear of our role. Know your role so you can mentally prepare before the game.
  6. Develop Amnesia-Don’t dwell on mistakes, learn from them and move on. In anything if we let our mistakes consume us it can consume our future.
  7. Have Emotional Control-Practice staying calm in intense environments in all things we do; the classroom, heated debates and the court.
  8. Faith-Don’t allow basketball to consume you. Always keep it in perspective it is our faith that gives the foundation that our game is laid.
  9. Practice Believing in Yourself-Make practice hard so the game is mentally easy. Push yourself during workouts. Practicing this allows you to play with confidence and gives players something to fall back on in adverse situations.
  10. Prepare Physically and Mentally for Adversity-Be prepared for adverse situation’s no matter how skilled you are for every team you shall face.