10 tips to being a mentally tough shooter

1.Develop shooting amnesia

  • It is important that we can forget about a missed shot not dwelling on mistakes
    1. Make practice the game and the game practice
  • It is important that once we developed our shooting mechanics that we practice at game speed but also that we clear our mind much like we do in practice so our best can come out
    1. Be educated Knowledge breeds confidence
  • Be a mentally smart shooter understanding mechanics and also understanding what shots are good and bad in all situations that may arise
    1. Prepare (have a shooting routine)
  • It is important that we have a pre-game shooting routine that is as much as mental preparation for the game as well as physical
  • When payers groove shots through A-D shooting it give them confidence over a prolonged period of time
    1. Shoot daily
  • Practicing anything on a regular basis does produce confidence especially when it is done in a deliberate manner
    1. Visualize made shots
  • Visualization has been proven to work and should be used regularly
  • We even try to get our players to use this method prior to shooting free-throw
    1. Think team not shots
  • Take your mind off your shot. We really do not want you thinking about your shot during the game.  If you have problems put your thought s towards your teammates or defense.
  • This will prevent you from overthinking your shot
    1. Have a life
  • Occasionally I see players become consumed in the game much like I was as a young player this can be damaging not only to yourself but your game
  • Take time to get away and make sure that basketball never becomes your foundation it is only a platform
  • If basketball becomes that big of deal it can drastically affect our shot making every shot mean entirely too much
    1. Practice relaxation techniques
  • It is impossible to perform or shoot at your best if you can not relax in the game and let your practice time shine through
  • It may be as simple as taking some deep breaths before stepping on the court or it could be something a little more detailed depending on the problems you may be encountering mentally
  • Later in my career I found that doing a daily devotion before game time put the game in perspective for me
    1. Practice mental toughness off the floor as well as on
  • It is important that we practice mental toughness in everything we do or we will break down in really tough situations
  • Learn to not dwell on mistakes learn from them and move on in life and on the floor

Bonus Tip (study other mentally tough people) Tim bow book through my eyes or the bible is a good place to start