10 tips to be hard to guard

10 Tips to be Hard to Guard

  1. Workout-If you want to be hard to guard, workout everyday to be a well rounded player. Practice being hard to guard with and without the ball with the OtterBasketball Online Training system
  2. Be Skilled-Take pride in being a multi skilled player. Focus on defense as well as shooting, ball handling, passing and high pressure situations. (ex: double teams and finishing vs. athletic players)
  3. Let the Game Come to You-Don’t force the issue. Make sure you let the game evolve by slowing down and allowing yourself to make reads vs. athletic players.
  4. Relax Under Pressure-Understand that in order to be hard to guard vs elite competition you have to be able to relax in high pressure situations. (play with confidence)
  5. Be a Great Shooter-The shot is such a critical component of being hard to guard. It closes the distance for you making you quicker and opening up passing lanes.
  6. Know Your Strengths-Know your strengths and play to them. Too often players try to do things they are not capable of and put themselves in tough situations.
  7. Use Your Teammates-Don’t try to do things by yourself. Distributing the ball to open teammates makes you harder to guard and takes much of the defensive focus off of you.
  8. Understand How to Create Space-Understand the rules of engagement...how to close the distance properly and create space to shoot and relieve pressure.
  9. Stay on the Rim-keep your hips on the rim as much as possible. It makes you harder to guard and makes you much more of a threat by being able to shoot or make the proper read on the defense.
  10. Move Without the Ball-I know from experience it is that much harder to stop someone who does not rely on having the ball in his or her hand to be a threat. Understand how to move correctly in your system to create opportunities without the ball.