The Trifecta

The Trifecta offers a unique opportunity for players to work with Jason, combining 3 different training methods: Camps, Workouts & Online Training. The first step is attending the One Day Camp. This camp will get all players on the same page. It will introduce them to the foundational concepts that each day will build off of. At the conclusion of this camp, players will gain access to their second step, Online Training. The Online Training will give players a detailed, structured and disciplined workout that will keep them on track to progress. These complete workouts are available through our Online Training App and will be different workouts daily, taking approximately 2 hours to complete. This is a subscription that players will have access to for 3 Months. The third step will involve players working directly with Jason in group workouts taking place every other week for a total of 3 workouts before wrapping up The Trifecta with a final Day Camp, which will continue to build off of the point where players are in their current training process. This is an incredible value and Space is Limited!! No More than 30 Players Accepted!

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