Speed Handle



  • Foundational Development
  • Efficiency of Movement Concepts
  • Acceleration and Speed Development with Basketball
  • Change Direction more efficiently with a basketball
  • Reinforce Proper Footwork and posture
  • Learn to play strong under pressure

Additional Details

Jason Otter and OtterBasketball wanted to design a video that not only made players better dribblers but also made them faster and more explosive with the ball. This DVD and the drills within are designed to do exactly that. By executing the speed handle workout, players will develop speed and acceleration with the basketball that translates directly into game situations. First, it will explain how to build a strong foundation; this involves developing strong explosive speed dribbles from a stationary position. Once mastered, players use special Otter Basketball drills that will take them to the next level, teaching them how to accelerate, change direction, and execute dribble moves while running full speed. This will be done in the form of first step corner turns, speed trainers, crazy eights and tight chairs. Throughout the video Jason continues to teach and reinforce foundational concepts from proper practice planning and preparation to efficiency and familiarity of movement patterns. So if you're ready, lets add acceleration, change of direction and speed to your game.

Video length: 1 hour 10 Minutes