Handle The Rock: Beginners



Jason Otter Trainer of the Pro’s and owner of OtterBasketball Training system introduces Handle the Rock Beginner Dribbling.


Additional Details

•For beginning players who want to build a solid dribbling foundation.
•Three real-time workouts you do while watching the DVD.
•Evaluation sheets for each workout so you can track your progress and pass the beginner level.
•Perfect for first time basketball players or any player who does not have a solid foundation of dribbling.

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There are 3 workouts on the DVD each approximately 10 minutes long. Each workout is primarily stationary with moving drills at the end of each workout.

The workouts are real-time so you workout right along as you watch. Working out in real-time takes all the guess work out of the drills and how long you do them. The beginner workouts will build a solid foundation of ball handling skills.

Jason makes a lot of teaching points during the workout so you will easily be able to do the drills correctly. The drills feature Jordan McCabe long time student of OtterBasketball and considered the most skilled player at his age level in the country (see if you can match him).
Keep your eyes up! A silver circle will appear with a number to be identified during the drills to help you. The player will hear a whistle to remind them to look up and call the number out. This is a great way when working out alone to remind the player to keep their eyes and head up.

Jason will show you how to score the evaluation sheet by taking Jordan through an entire evaluation. There are printable evaluation sheets on the DVD. The evaluation sheets allow you to track your progress and eventually pass out of the beginner level.

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